Fun Stop – Xtreme Sports Park.

Fun Stop – Xtreme Sport Park, is set on a 1.5 acre site a few kilometers away from the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Hessaraghatta. Situated in a village called Hurali Chikkanahalli, the park is easily accessible to people residing in the vicinity of Jalahalli, Dasarahalli, Hesaraghatta, Nelamangala, and Vidyaranyapura. Fun Stop provides a wide range of outdoor activities which is suitable for people of all age groups and abilities. The activities that have been designed caters to families, couples, groups, corporate organizations, sports teams, and individuals seeking a day of thrill, fun, and excitement!

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Upcoming Events

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Live! Musical Events

We love music! We love live events! The thrill of a live event cannot be expressed in words; it has to be experienced. Since we have tasted the thrill, we are keen on organizing live musical events to entertain you to the fullest. We are in the talks with a handful of artists who are extremely good with their music and can send you into a dizzy with their live events.

Look at this space at a later date to know more about the artist we intend to bring in.

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