Funstop – Xtreme Sports Park

“A place to have fun and frolic with your loved ones,” was exactly what the founder of Funstop had on mind when he conceptualized Funstop. This place is exactly that – you can have a great time here with your loved ones. There is something here for everyone across all age groups.

Thrill seekers can try their hand out at taking a gokart for a spin, or have an off-road experience on a quad-bike, zip at great speed on a zip line, or have a spin, literally, on a gyro.

There is a zone specially for kids where a lot of fun awaits them.

Indoor games enthusiasts can try their hand in the numerous games we have put forward,  including air hockey.

Outdoor games enthusiasts have a lot of games to try their hands on including wall climbing.

We also have a restaurant where you can test out your taste for good food.

There are comfortable rooms which will take care of your stay if you are not in a mood to drive home after a day of fun and frolic.

[fa icon=”fa-chevron-right” color=”#2e3b4e”]   Our mission is to have fun 

[fa icon=”fa-chevron-right” color=”#2e3b4e”]   Our goal is to get you to experience extreme thrills, safely

[fa icon=”fa-chevron-right” color=”#2e3b4e”]   Our vision is to inspire future sportspersons

Our Team – Dedicated, adventurous people

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Accomodation and Activities

Funstop promises you a good time during your visit to the park. There are various activities that you can indulge in during your visit, and likewise, we have put up comfortable rooms for your stay. You could pick a room of your choice and relax in its comfort after a day of fun filled activities. Our restaurant will cater to your choice of food and make your experience ever more pleasantful.