Get Your Adrenaline Pumpin' - Xtreme Speed Training!

All Formula 1 drivers, champion or not, have an history of being a gokarting champion during their younger days. You now have the opportunity to let your kid test the waters; who knows we may have a F1 champ in the making!

Reigning Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton took his baby steps in racing with karting when he was 8 years of age. Do you have a racing champion in you? Test it out! Experience the rush of adrenaline through your body as you take out our go-karts for a spin! This is your chance to test your extreme driving skills in a safe manner; go ahead and test your driving extremities.

Further, do you believe your little one has the potential to be a racer? We have some training sessions that s/he could participate in. Even if racing is not on your mind, speed training can unlock some creative potential in your kid; let them experience in first hand!

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Train Under A Racer!

We've hired the services of a racer!

Yes, who could teach you racing other than a person who has been in the middle of the rush and has felt and experienced the thrills first hand? Come to us, and get to know him personally and understand his achievements. He will mentor you on achieving fast laps and will teach you the right techniques on how to stick to the racing line. Racing is all about speed, technique, teamwork, and skill, right?

Practice Till You Are Perfect!

If you have decided to participate in racing events, then you need to definitely garner all the practice you can. We can offer you the extensive use of our track for you to practice it out. We can hammer in a deal for renting the track and kart. Once the deal is in place, you can use the services of our track and kart and practice hard and work towards becoming an accomplished racer. We're here to help you with your racing goals!

Participate in GoKarting Events

It is in the cards to conduct gokarting events at our track. If we are in a position to crack some deals, you too could participate in the events and try your hand in lifting the grand prize. We could also refer you to gokarting events that comes to our knowledge.